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Grid Flat Floor System Specifications | Auditorium & Arena Seating

Grid flat floor system specifications

General Description

  • Grid flat-floor seating system allows seat modules to be arranged in row formation on a flat floor. Seat modules are mounted onto rails as banks of two or three seat units. These units can then be easily stored in purposely designed stillages that can contain up to 18 seats (dependant on seat model).
  • Once arranged on the floor the lightweight and robust ‘floorbar’ system is ready to receive the seat units which are connected to the support structure using a simple clamp assembly.

System Advantages

  • When stacking or folding chairs are arranged in rows for flat floor seating, the density of seats will always be less than an automatic tipping chair because they must be laid out with minimum clearways for egress.
  • Grid flat floor system uses a lightweight aluminum floor bar onto which banks of two or three seats are slotted. An automatic ‘tipping’ seat has a narrower envelope than a stacking or folding chair giving the option of either increased seating density or wider clearways.
  • The system can be assembled by one man much faster than conventional chairs and, once in place, is almost impossible to move so chair row ‘snaking’ is eliminated.
  • Grid floor bar systems reduce chair legs to a minimum which means its easy to clean between events.
  • Removal and storage is easy; the banks of seat modules can be loaded and transported in stillages.
  • Vandalism is reduced because, unlike stacking chairs, the system has no vulnerable linking system.
  • The same chairs that are used with the Grid flat floor system are fully compatible with retractable platforms.


  • Floor bars and legs are constructed from durable lightweight aluminium; ends are finished with polyamide caps.
  • Floor bar sections are designed to take luminous markings which are charged by the house lights to define access aisles.

Capacity per sq metre

  • 3 gang stillage
  • @ 1 stillages high 40 chairs metre squared
  • @ 2 stillages high 80 chairs metre squared
  • @ 3 stillages high 120 chairs metre squared

Capacity per cubic metre

  • 3 gang stillage 30 chairs

3 Chair Gang Stillage

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 1500 x 1350 high
  • Capacity: 48 chairs per single stillage
  • 96 chairs when double stacked
  • 144 chairs when triple stacked

2 Chair Gang Stillage

  • Dimensions:  1200 x 1000 x 1350 high
  • Capacity: 32 chairs per single stillage
  • 64 chairs when double stacked
  • 96 chairs when triple stacked

Grid Images

Grid flat floor system from above.

Grid stillage being transported.

Grid stillage.

Grid stillage uses minimal space when packed away.

Grid Plan View


The following downloads are available:

  • Grid Flat Floor Specifications: Download.