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Retractable Seating | Auditorium & Arena Seating

Retractable Seating | Auditorium & Arena Seating

Why use Retractable Seating? Retractable seating affords the client:

  • Optimum use of the facility space
  • Multi-purpose venue use
  • Maximised savings on the capital building cost of the venue structure
  • Significant revenue potential, via multi use applications to suit community needs
  • Variable seating options
  • Rapid set up and retrieval of the seating structure
  • Optimum viewing for patrons

Retractable Seating makes the maximum use of the venue space by providing a flexible seating arrangement, which can be opened or closed in the space of minutes.


Installation Examples


BA Series

  • BA2-D

  • BPA2-D

  • BPA2-DT

  • BPA2-DA


B1 Series

  • B1-F

  • BP1-F