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Portable Stadium Tiered Seating Overview

Starena has an extensive range and various product offerings for Temporary or Semi-permanent seating applications.

All products are designed to the appropriate International standards. Clients are referred to the publication Temporary Demountable Structures (April 2007) as issued by the British Institution of Structural Engineers and the advisory group on temporary structures.

In particular Starena draws to the attention of all parties the responsibility of clients, venue owners and event organisers who have the primary responsibility for the safety of people attending an event, and the users of the Temporary or Semi-permanent seating structures, the use of which lies with the client. The client cannot pass on the responsibility for safety to any 3rd party.

The client should ensure that competent people are employed to design, supply and erect the Temporary or Semi-permanent seating structures.

Starena, as both a designer and contractor of Temporary or Semi-permanent seating, is responsible for design, installation and independent engineering certification of the seating structures design.

All structures must be designed to safely resist the loading forces applied to them, including hazards from unusual or extreme events, including wind force considerations, as well as those from other applied loading e.g. vertical loads from the dead weight of the structure, live loads from the occupants and applicable horizontal forces including consideration of ground conditions.

Demountable frame structures shall be designed to form a robust and stable 3 dimensional structural arrangement, which will support the design loadings for the required period with an adequate margin of safety.

Demountable structures should possess sufficient transverse and longitudinal stiffness and strength to resist wind loads, notional horizontal loads and other dynamic loads induced by spectator movements and behaviour.