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The Stadia Specifications | Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

The Stadia Specifications Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

Tiered Demountable Modular Grandstand Seating System

Starena’s unique system of demountable tiered seating is extensively used throughout the U.K., Europe and Australasia.

The proven Starena demountable grandstand system can be installed and dismantled in an easy straight forward rapid manner by unskilled labour.  As an indication, a team of 6 people should install approximately 600 to 700 seats per day.  The system is truly portable and easily handled; no individual piece is too heavy to be carried by one person.  The seats stack and store easily in a small volume, i.e. one 12m container, can store 600 seats complete, including the total supporting structure or, alternatively as at York Park/UTAS Stadium in Launceston, it has been designed and incorporated as a permanent fixed seating structure.

Available from small modules of 12 seats the Starena demountable seating system can be added to at any time and, due to the quality design and hot dipped galvanised finish, long life is assured.

The Starena demountable seating system is prestigious, flexible and cost effective.

The great advantage of Starena’s modular system lies in the design, which provides three dimensional flexibility, compact space saving storage and transportation, yet with an attractive appearance which lends itself so well to any venue or application.  Available in a nominal 150mm or 250mm rise system (or specific riser design), the system can be installed to a maximum depth of 25 or 16 rows respectively, with obviously a limitless stand length and an optimum number of walkways.

Starena’s unique system of demountable tiered seating is used extensively for Indoor and Outdoor Sporting Events, Shows, Concerts, Product Launches, Television Production and Conferences.

At Starena, we take pride in providing expert advice and planning for your seating requirements.  On request we will prepare seating studies for multiple seating layout, code conformance reviews, specifications and cost and construction estimates.