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The Stadia Specifications | Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

The Stadia Specifications Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

Tiered Demountable Modular Grandstand Seating System

This modular seating system is ideal for Arena’s, Stadiums and Special Events incorporating Sporting Events, Shows, Concerts, Product Launches, Television Productions and Conferences.
Layout configurations can incorporate corners, control positions, lighting towers, purpose-built rear or side staircases and Hospitality Boxes.

Technical Specification - Support System

The Starena system has a seating deck supported by a series of triangulated structures with parallel beams running front to rear and no redundant members. The essential simplicity of the design enables rapid installation and dismantling. The beams running from front to back are referred to as ‘Spines’ and are at 1.5m intervals.

  • The inclined beam member of the spine is 125 x 75 x 3mm rhs. The beam is fabricated and joined using a bolted male-female connection.
  • The triangular frames which support the deck have welded joints and support the beam through a saddle arrangement. A bolt is used to provide a pin connection. All members of the triangular frame are 50 x 50 x 2.5mm rhs. The triangular frames are not vertical being inclined at 7 degrees.
  • The horizontal members providing a connection between the bases of the triangular structure are steel straps, which are interlocked using a steel stud that fits through a clearance hole in the adjoining strap. The stud also provides a location for the triangular base frame. The legs of the triangle are left open and are located over the stud, thus providing a horizontal restraint.
  • All understructure steel members are hot-dipped galvanised for extended life protection, as well as being colour coded for ease of future installation.
  • All seating upper structure steel members (including hand rails) are hot-dipped galvanised with options of powder, or thermo plastic coating.
  • The system is available in a 300mm rise, with a 900mm platform width.

Design Criteria

  • The occupancy class is public assembly, as specified in AS1170-Part 1-1981.
  • Live loading of 4k N/M2 for fixed seating.
  • Live loading of 5k N/M2 for gangways, stairs and landings.
  • Bracing is designed to support 5% of the vertical load to accommodate spectator induced horizontal surge loads as specified in BS5973-1981.

In addition, for outdoor application, wind load considerations as specified in AS1170-Part 2-1983 have been considered.


  • The standard walkway system is 18mm exterior grade plywood sealed and finished with an embossed slip resistant surface finish.
  • An alternative is 2.0mm pre-stressed galvanised sheet metal with folded edges and incorporating built in drainage holes and raised non slip surface area.


  • The seat specified in this submission is a Albany Arena Tip-Up - Stadia Seat.
  • The Albany Arena Tip-Up is an ergonomically designed product for maximum comfort where prolonged use is necessary.
  • We use a back rest for a back rest and a seat for a seat, and not as some manufacturers do in providing two identical pieces of plastic as a seat and back rest. The obvious ergonomic and comfort advantages weigh heavily in favour of the Albany Arena Tip-Up.
  • The Tipping mechanism is by means of an automatic counter balanced action completely maintenance free. No hinges or springs are used as, in our experience, they do lose strength with use, thereby nullifying the objectives of a Tip-Up Seat.
  • The two piece seating unit is moulded from colour compounded polypropylene namely, KMT 61A with anti ultra-violet additive, Tinuvin 770 (ciba Geigy) at the maximum recommended weight of 0.5% per 25 kilos.
  • The Polypropylene compound can be moulded to any International Standard Colour Reference in accordance with your colour preferences.
  • A recess in the middle of the Seat back, is provided for the insertion of a seat number.
  • The Seat is mounted on mild steel fabricated metal work from steel tube, to the relevant Australian Standards.
  • All Steel work in this seating design shall be hot dipped galvanised, or alternatively powder or thermo plastic coated.
  • All nuts, bolts, screws and washers are zinc plated and clear passivated.
  • The product has undertaken extensive testing at Kemp Creek in Queensland for a five year period. Ultra Violet testing to 200kly (p.a.). Higher ever recorded 220kly (p.a.) was in the Middle East.
  • The seat is available with an upholstered fabric or vinyl finish to the clients, specification.

Features Of The System

  • Truly portable system, which is easily handled. No individual piece is too heavy to be carried by one person.
  • Proven system used extensively throughout the U.K., Europe and Australia.
  • Straight forward rapid installation and dismantling for which unskilled labour can be used.
  • Does not require a perfectly flat level surface or specially prepared ground, thus saving on preparation time and cost.
  • Excellent stackability and storage capability. Seats when dismantled take up a relatively small volume, i.e. one 6m container can store 300 seats complete with supporting structure.
  • Strong, robust design, meeting all safety, weight and loading standards, yet relatively light floor loadings.
  • Long life due to quality design and hot-dipped galvanised or powder or thermo plastic finish.
  • Easily and readily adapted to different module seating configurations. The Starena Internationals system is unique in that it can provide corner seating to make use of all available space. The smallest module involved just 12 seats and can be built in 2 directions in blocks of 3 seats.
  • If more seats are required at any time, the system can be added to very easily.

The Stadia Exploded View Drawing

The Stadia Cross Section View Drawing