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International Code Compliance  | Stadium & Arena Seating

Stadium & Arena Seating International Code Compliance

Durability & Fire Testing

The seating is to be Certified to the following:

  • EN 12727 - "Furniture - Ranked Seating- Test methods and requirements for strength and durability"
  • BS 4875:1985 - "Furniture Performance Testing" - Rating 5

BSEN 13200 - Parts 1-6 inclusive - Spectator Facilities:

  • This standard specifies design requirements for spectator accommodation at permanent or temporary entertainment venues including sports stadia, sports halls, indoor and outdoor facilities for the purpose of enabling their functionality.
  • Venues such as Theatres, Cinemas, Opera Houses, Lecture Halls and similar are excluded from this standard.
  • This standard comprises six elements as below:
    • Part 1: Layout criteria for spectator viewing area – Specification
    • Part 2: Characteristics and national situations
    • Part 3: Separating elements – Requirements
    • Part 4: Seats – Product characteristics
    • Part 5: Telescopic stands
    • Past 6: Demountable (temporary) stands

Architects, specifiers and clients are encouraged to ensure that their designs and layout criteria comply with the above standard as a minimum.