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Nova Specifications | Theatre & Cinema Seating

Nova Theatre & Cinema Seating Specifications

General Description

Upholstered MDF armrests and legs.

Upholstered backrest panel.

Fixed or tip-up seat.

Totally ergonomic design featuring a completely silent foldable mechanism.


Assembling system allows replacement of the seat and backrests covers without demounting the chair from the floor.

Several writing accessories available as foldable or anti-panic writing tablet as well as a foldable desk on backrest.

Technical Details


  • - Metallic structure of the inner parts and backrest frame.

  • - End of the aisles in DM agglomeration covered with a 5mm beech plywood.

  • - Upholstered armrest.

  • - Back of the backrest in 15mm high frequency pressed beech plywood.

  • - Complete upholstered seat, optional panel covered with 15mm high frequency pressed beach plywood.

  • - Self-rising return mechanism seat with a double spring.

  • - Seat and backrest in a strong open cell foam block for best noise absorption.

  • - Upholstering system by means of easily changeable covers with clips or Velcro for cheaper maintenance.

  • - M-1 fire-proof upholster, optional to fire-proof barrier and leather upholstery.

  • - Varnish M-1.

  • - Building system with concealment of iron fittings.

  • - Concealed fixing by means of a metallic frame.

  • - ACCESSORIES: Writing pad, moveable writing pad anti-panic system, foldable desk on back, and numbering of seats and rows.